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Micro Contracts Program

Welcome to the information page for the Expressway Authority’s Micro Contracts Program.  Below is a list of frequently asked questions that you may find helpful. For more information about the program, please contact Expressway Authority's Business Development Office at 407-690-5000.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Micro Contracts Program?

The Micro Contracts Program is an alternative procurement program the Expressway Authority often uses when it needs to obtain construction, maintenance, professional services, or other services that are expected to cost less than $200,000.00 or electrical services expected to cost less than $50,000.00.

2. How is the Micro Contracts Program different from the Expressway Authority’s regular procurement process?

As a state agency, the Expressway Authority is committed to making sure it spends toll revenues wisely, in the most cost effective manner possible. Typically, this means the Expressway Authority uses a highly competitive bid or proposal process when seeking goods or services, including construction and maintenance services. By advertising for competitive bids or proposals in a variety of sources the Expressway Authority ensures itself that it will get the exact goods or services it needs at the best price. However, this process alone can be costly and time consuming.  When the Expressway Authority is dealing with smaller contracts, use of the typical procurement process is not always the most efficient and cost effective route. Therefore, the Expressway Authority maintains a list of vendors who have expressed an interest in handling these smaller contracts. When a particular type of job comes up, rather than advertising the Expressway Authority simply notifies qualified vendors on its Micro Vendor List in a prescribed order, as explained below, and asks for competitive bids. The job is then awarded to the lowest responsible bidder whom the Authority determines capable of delivering the needed goods or services.

3. Is there any limit as to what type of vendors can get on the Micro Contracts Vendor List?

No. However, the Expressway Authority has designed the Micro Contracts Program to serve two primary purposes. As indicated above, the program’s first purpose is to save the Expressway Authority money and expedite the procurement process for small contracts. Its second purpose, however, is to help develop small businesses, minority owned businesses, and women owned businesses. The Expressway Authority has made a commitment to provide local small, minority, and women owned business enterprises opportunities to grow their businesses and become larger, prime contractors. Therefore, when the Expressway Authority has a contract for construction, maintenance, professional, or other services that it deems suitable for the Micro Contracts Program, notice is first provided to qualified small, minority, and women owned businesses. If no acceptable bids or proposals are received from these entities, notice of the available contract is then sent to all other qualified vendors on the Micro Contracts List.

4. How do I get on the Micro Contracts Vendor List?

Simply print a copy of the Micro Contracts Program Small & Minority Business Enterprise Disclosure Affidavit from this Web site or contact the Business Development Office at the Expressway Authority and ask that they be sent to you. Once you have submitted the application it will be reviewed and if you meet the size and location criteria you will be placed on the Micro Contracts Vendor List for future notification. It's that easy.

5. Do I have to be a local small business, a minority owned business or a woman owned business to qualify?

No. However, these three categories will, when determined appropriate by the Expressway Authority, get first shot at micro contracts consistent with the Expressway Authority’s policy of assisting such vendors in business development opportunities. If no such vendor is selected to handle the micro contract, it will be opened up to all other qualified vendors on the list. The majority of micro contracts go to these three types of vendors.

6. How do I qualify as a local small business enterprise?

A local small business enterprise is defined as an independent business that is: (1) domiciled within the Orange County Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA); (2) that employs 25 or fewer permanent full-time employees; and, (3) whose gross annual sales in services averaged over the previous three (3) year period is $500,000.00 or less, or whose gross annual sales in commodities averaged over the same period is $1,000,000.00 or less, or whose gross annual sales in construction services averaged over the same period is $3,000,000.00 or less.

7. How do I qualify as a local minority or women owned business?

A local minority or women owned business enterprise is defined as an independent business that is: (1) domiciled within the Orange County Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA); (2) that employs 25 or fewer permanent full-time employees; (3) whose gross annual sales in services averaged over the previous three (3) year period is $500,000.00 or less, or whose gross annual sales in commodities averaged over the same period is $1,000,000.00 or less, or whose gross annual sales in construction services averaged over the same period is $3,000,000.00 or less; and, (4) is certified by the City of Orlando and Orange County as a bona fide minority or women owned business. Firms certified by Florida Department of Transportation as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) will be accepted, but must also be certified as a minority or women owned business.

8. What makes up the Orange County Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area?

The Orange County SMSA includes Orange County, Lake County, Osceola County, and Seminole County.

9. As a small business, what happens if I do not have the necessary credit to purchase materials needed for a micro contract job? Am I shut out of the process?

No. The Expressway Authority recognizes that small businesses and start-up companies often do not have the trade credit necessary to procure the materials needed for Authority jobs. To solve this problem, the Expressway Authority has adopted a Joint Payment (Joint Payee check) Policy. The Expressway Authority will ask both the micro vendor and the supplier to sign a Joint Check Agreement. Then, the supplier simply copies us with the invoice for materials supplied for the micro contract job. The Expressway Authority cuts a check payable jointly to the contractor and the supplier so the supplier can be assured the invoice will be paid in a timely manner.

10. Are a certain percentage of the Expressway Authority’s contracts set aside for the Micro Contracts Program?

No. The Expressway Authority never knows in advance how many, or how few, micro contracting opportunities will be available. Micro contracts are typically related to, but outside the scope of, larger contracts. As such, they present a unique opportunity for small business development.

11. Does being on the list guarantee that I will eventually be awarded a contract?

No. Being on the list simply means that you will be eligible to receive notice of micro contract opportunities when they become available. Contracts are still awarded on a competitive basis and in the best interest of the Expressway Authority.


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