Other Questions

I am disabled and currently do not pay tolls. How do I get an E-PASS?

According to state statute, any handicapped person who has a valid driver's license, who operates a vehicle specially equipped for use by the handicapped, and who is certified by a physician as being severely physically disabled and having permanent upper limb mobility or dexterity impairments shall be allowed free passage on the expressway system.

To obtain a non-revenue transponder, please contact SunPass.

This program is administered by the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged. More information can be found here.

Where can I obtain a replacement battery for my E-PASS transponder?

You may get your battery replaced at our E-PASS Service Centers or at participating central Florida Lowe's locations. 

Where can I view the toll rates?

Click here for the toll rates and a toll calculator. 

I don’t have an E-PASS. When I put coins in the basket the light did not turn green. What should I do?

You likely encountered a jammed coin machine. Our coin machines do jam up from time to time and when they do, a signal is sent to our maintenance contractor to come out and service the machine as soon as possible.

When this does happen, we encourage people to place the correct amount in the machine and just move on. Though the light does not turn green, we will not fine you. We prefer people to move along to avoid a traffic jam or an accident.

Who do I talk to when if I receive incorrect change back from a toll service attendant?

Call Florida Toll Services at 1-800-789-6670 to report the incident. If possible note the location, time of day, the lane and the direction of travel.